Alison Foxall

Alison is the lead organizer for WordCamp Tampa, heading up marketing and communications. Professionally, she is a founding partner and lead designer of Gobble Logic; a web design, development, and marketing firm. Alison has been using WordPress since 2004. When she isn’t running the business, Alison is learning Japanese, reading books or periodicals, and being very active in political groups, local politics and discussions.

Thomas Giella Jr.

Thomas is in charge of venue logistics, lunch, signage placement, and has all around been an integral part of this event. Thomas is the owner of Gear Spinners LLC. A company whose sole goal is to provide small to medium businesses great online solutions at an affordable price. Thomas began his career with a degree in design in 2006, leading to a degree in management in 2011. In his spare time, Thomas enjoys the fruits of life including Xbox 360, learning Python on Raspberry Pi, family, and friends.

Thomas Townsend

Tom Townsend is the Sponsor Director and Veterans advocate for WordCamp Tampa. He also heads up our video livestreaming. He is the President of SMBsocial a web development and marketing agency that provides Digital Presence Solutions to SMB’s (Small Medium Business). His team helps solve real business problems with creative applications and platforms built on WordPress.

Tom is the developer behind Job Manager, a free plugin for WordPress sites.  Job Manager helps Startups, Small Business Owners and Employment Recruiters manage their hiring process. Tom is also a Founder of the Suncoast Tech Accelerator. 

Jim True

Project Manager & Support Lead for Pods Framework.
Graphic designer & web developer, budding photographer & artist, avid book reader & pop culture fanatic, former pastry chef & healthy food aficionado, coffee drinker & ice cream addict, autodidact & aspiring digital nomad. I also provide coaching to aspiring freelancers on how to work doing the things you love instead of just working to survive.

Andrew Norcross

Andrew Norcross is the founder and lead developer of Reaktiv Studios, an agency focused on solving complex problems with WordPress solutions. As a WordPress VIP Featured Partner, he helps top-tier clients with their WordPress development. Reaktiv is also known for their flagship plugin, Design Palette Pro, a plugin for WordPress sites using a Genesis theme. It helps non-designers have great looking sites.

For WordCamp Tampa 2015, Andrew is responsible for organizing the speaker lineup.

Alphonso Montibello

Alphonso Montibello is in charge of lunch logistics and has helped WordCamp Tampa secure sponsorships. Alphonso has 35 years experience in Product Development, Project Management, Marketing Management, Sales and Operations. By day he is a web consultant with Creative Web Actions and by night he is the Brandon community organizer for Tampa Bay WordPress.

Lindsay Jo Crenshaw

Lindsay is WordCamp Tampa’s Art Director, specializing in the branding, print design and wayfinding. Full time, she’s a Graphic Designer at an automotive marketing company, but pursues interests like roller derby and learning WordPress after hours. She’s the owner of the freelance collective Cuttle Creative, launched in 2015 as an all-inclusive boutique design studio specializing in branding and WordPress website design. She’s designed for the WordPress companies CalderaWP, Foo Plugins, and HiringPress, and has definite plans to work within the WordPress community further. She’s also expecting her first child, a son, this November!

Elaine Simmons

Elaine Simmons is a web and graphic designer working in the Tampa Bay area. Elaine organizes the after party, the exclusive VIP dinner, and serves as a production and conceptual artist for WordCamp Tampa’s various signage and printed materials.

Raymmar Tirado

Raymmar is a creative strategist and professional antagonist. When he is not working on the design direction or marketing strategy for a new digital product, he is usually writing words that make people think, drawing pictures that make people blink, and testing his friends patience. Learn more at

James Dalman

James Dalman is based out of Oklahoma City and is leading the organization efforts for Friday’s WP BootCamp with Tom Townsend. James is an entrepreneur and U.S. Army veteran who recently launched Happy Joe, an organization that specializes in helping military veterans launch successful careers and businesses in the web technology industry.