Livestream Tickets now available

2014 was WordCamp Tampa’s inaugural event and the positive comments and feedback from attendees helped make it a huge success. It also helped us to understand that we needed to step-it up again and make our next WordCamp Tampa bigger and better.

Your organizers have been working hard all year to get to this weekend and we are sure you are going to love the surprises we have in store for you. Just like last year, we are breaking new ground.

At WordCamp Tampa 2014, we were approved by WordCamp Central to be the first WordCamp in the US to test new Video Livestreaming kits.

As with any new technology, we experienced a few minor issues and some dropped audio but for the most part the experiment was deemed a success. After our WC we reviewed the issues with Livestreams technical team and made corrections. The kits are now available for all US based WordCamps to use and several have reported great success this year, using the kits we pioneered.

This year WordCamp Tampa 2015 has stepped it up again and we were approved to add another video kit. We now have (3) state of the art Livestream kits. Additionally, with USF’s excellent A/V team on-board, our equipment has been tested with direct wired-Ethernet connections. The expected experience for all Livestream attendees is EXCELLENT.

So, if you were not able to get a ticket before they sold-out or perhaps you had other plans for the weekend but would really like to attend?

Now you can virtually.

With a Livestreaming ticket, you can watch all the events Saturday and Sunday LIVE. That’s (3) Tracks of (6) Events each day covering 24 sessions on Saturday and another 19 on Sunday, including the excellent Keynote by Carl Smith. Oh, and if you happen to miss a session, your WordCamp Tampa team has you covered as each session is also recorded as it streams. This means the video playback is ready within minutes of the session ending and available for playback at your leisure for up to 30 days after WordCamp Tampa 2015 has ended.

You can watch Livestream on most any device you have. Computer, laptop, tablet, or Smartphone. You can literally watch your favorite WordCamp Tampa sessions just about anywhere and anytime.

So be sure to pass on this SPECIAL Livestream ticket link to your WordPress friends so they can enjoy too. Livestream Access (2-Day WordCamp)

WordCamp Tampa 2015 organizers and speakers are ready when you are.