Calling All Code!

At WordCamp Tampa this year, we’re going to have a panel of industry professionals doing a live code audit. What’s a code audit? Exactly what it sounds like. The panel of experts are going to review user-submitted code ahead of time and then go over it, on screen, live with the audience. The goal is two-fold: we want people to see the mistakes that even experienced people make, and to show everyone that having your code in public isn’t something to be afraid of.

Who’s on the panel?
Helen Hou-Sandí, Josh Eaton, Devin Vinson, and Steven Word. Moderated by Andrew Norcross.

Whose code are you reviewing?
YOURS! We want you to submit your code for us to review.

Do I have to be attending WordCamp Tampa?
This is not a requirement, but we will be giving priority to those that will be there. (note: only WordCamp attendees can be at the audit)

Does it have to me my own code?
Yes. We will only review code by people who submit it.

How do I submit my code?
Fill out the form below. Include a link to the WP or GitHub repository (if public) or please provide a Dropbox link that is accessible.

How big should the codebase be?
Try to keep it to something smaller, as a large codebase usually has many moving parts and can be difficult to review. If the codebase is larger, please reference one specific part of the code that you’d like us to review. We will be giving priority to plugins (or plugin-like functionality) over themes, as a theme has many more files and has design considerations that will not be part of the audit.

Eeekkk! People are gonna see my name?
We can review the code without your name on it if you’d prefer, but keep in mind that someone may still be able to associate the code with you anyway. This is meant to be a learning experience for everyone, we aren’t here to degrade or make fun of anyone, and there will be no personal attacks whatsoever. Also, if there are glaring issues (especially when it comes to security) we will notify whoever submitted the code privately to resolve it before anything is seen by the public.

Where is the code?
Right here:

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